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Florida Voters To Decide Fate Of Vaping In November
After being agreed on by a 33-3 margin, Florida will vote on vaping and offshore drilling under the same proposed amendment this fall Once every 20 years, a team of 37 commissioners come together and decide if the state constitution in Florida ought to be modified in any way.... Read more
Vaping Aids Smokers In Battle Of The Bulge
“We are not suggesting that we should promote e-cigarettes to people who haven’t smoked. But for people who are thinking about the best way to stop smoking and are concerned about weight gain, I think what we are suggesting is that e-cigarettes should certainly be considered.” As smoking rates... Read more
What Steeping Is And How It Can Vastly Improve Your Vaping Experience
In this short guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about steeping your e-liquids Steeping your e-liquids is something you may have heard about if you’ve ever spent any time in vape shops. Most people immediately think of steeping tea bags in hot water to... Read more
The FDA’s Deeming Rule Is Killing The Independent Vaping Industry According To New Review
A review published in the Brooklyn Law Review concluded that the deeming rule is extremely detrimental to the overall value of vaping There are many hurdles left for vaping to overcome before it can reach its potential as a game-changing smoking cessation tool. But there are few more pressing... Read more
Members Of UK’s Parliament Call For More Acceptance Of Vaping Among Colleagues
With VApril kicking off in the UK, some members of parliament are asking their peers to start being more “vape friendly” The United Kingdom has long been the face of how to properly utilize vaping as a smoking cessation and harm reduction tool. From Public Health England’s 2015 report... Read more
New Study Finds E-Cigarettes Don’t Stain Your Teeth
Research published by British American Tobacco looked at the discoloration associated with smoking and vaping and concluded that vaping isn’t a risk factor At this years American Association for Dental Research conference, a new study was presented by researchers from BAT. They were testing the difference between traditional cigarette... Read more
FDA Sued Over Their Decision To Delay Deeming Rules
A group of anti-vaping groups and doctors are pushing for the original deadline of August 8th, 2018 to be reinstated When the FDA announced they’d be delaying their deeming rules until 2022, it was met with praise across the vaping industry. The original deadline was set for August 8th... Read more
What Are Nicotine Salts And Why Should You Care?
You may have recently heard about nicotine salts, but what exactly are they and are they worth going after? It seems like these days no matter where you turn there is a new vaping product coming out that takes advantage of nicotine salts. But you’d be surprised how many... Read more
FDA Commissioner Doubles Down On Defense Of Vaping
While he’s sure to acknowledge a potential risk to teens, he advocates that “combustible cigarettes are the problem,” not vaping The FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb has had an interesting relationship with vaping since taking office last year. He’s already become the most vaping friendly commissioner the FDA has... Read more
Smoke-Free Foundation President Smoked Out Of Tobacco Conference
The President of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, as well as anyone associated with the Foundation have been formally banned from attending the World Health Organization’s World Conference on Tobacco or Health Dr. Derek Yach was once a renowned tobacco control expert and World Health Organization Official who... Read more
New Vaping Study Purposefully Misleading About Youth Risk
Even though they couldn’t show most of their claims had “statistical significance,” study still claims vaping is a potential primary cause of teen smoking Misinformation is one of the most significant problems facing vaping as there always seems to be vastly more coverage of negative vaping studies than the... Read more
Lawsuit Filed By Altria Could Have Major Impact On Vaping Industry
A subsidiary of Altria, The US Smokeless Tobacco Company, has filed a lawsuit against the FDA over a recent ruling on one of their products All eyes are on a new lawsuit filed by a branch of the Altria company over a recent FDA ruling on one of their... Read more
Risk Of Emergency Room Visit Due To Vaping Only 0.0086% According To New FDA Study
As most vapers already know, the chances you ever experience a battery failure is improbable, especially with proper precaution We are often asked by smokers considering making a switch to e-cigarettes what the chances they ever experience a battery fire or explosion. It’s true, it does happen, and with... Read more
Advocacy Group Sets The Record Straight On Driving While Vaping
After several articles falsely claimed that vaping while driving could land you fines or even a revoked license, we take a look at a troubling trend in vaping Last week there were a number of articles circulating the web that warned vapers not to use their e-cigarettes and box... Read more
New Study Shows Majority Of People Wrongly Believe Nicotine Is Carcinogenic
The survey conducted by Virginia Tech found 53% of American adults believe nicotine can cause cancer, another 21% said they were unsure There’s never been any peer-reviewed research that indicates nicotine alone raises your risk for cancer, yet a study published last week found that over half of adults... Read more
American Cancer Society Finally Comes Out In Support Of E-Cigarettes
The new policy on vaping, which was adopted this month, wants to get smokers off any nicotine products but acknowledges a switch to vaping good step in the right direction One of the most common things said about e-cigarettes by vapers is that they were vital in their ability... Read more
Vaping CBD Is The Best Way To Go
Cannabidiol has been growing in popularity for the last several years, but research indicates that vaping CBD is the most efficient way to ingest it Cannabidiol or CBD has quickly become one of the preferred treatments for many ailments ranging from pain relief to inflammation. It’s first necessary to... Read more
Vaping Tax Held Off Another Year Across The European Union
The prospect of a hefty tax on all vaping products will be mulled over again next year by the European Commission The European Union has decided not to tax any vaping products, at least until next year. This was agreed on by the European Commission last month. The commission... Read more
First Ever Vaporizer Sanctioned By A Public Health Organization Shelved Indefinitely
The eVoke by British American Tobacco was officially designated for medical use over two years ago British American Tobacco has chosen to pull the plug on their once extremely promising eVoke vaporizer. The eVoke was the only vape that has ever received any licensing as a medical device in... Read more
Reports Of Two Marines Dying Due To Vaping CBD Oil Deemed False
The Army Public Health Center updated their warning that initially claimed two marines had died from seizures linked to the CBD oil In today’s world, it can be hard to know what news is real and what is fake. This story goes to show that this is just as... Read more
Independent Panel Tells FDA Not To Allow iQOS To Be Advertised As Harm Reduction Tool
Philip Morris International was looking for approval to market their heat not burn devices as harm reduction tools in America. But is this a good or bad thing for the independent vaping community? An independent advisory panel unanimously decided last week to deny Philip Morris International’s bid to have... Read more
FDA Releases Policy Update Regarding Their Direction On Vaping
This “roadmap” begins to explain the agencies updated stances on many topics, including vaping and smoking The FDA has always been very skeptical when it comes to vaping technology, but under their new commissioner, they’ve started coming around to the science that says e-cigarettes offer significant benefits. When Dr.... Read more
Five Things To Avoid When Switching To Vaping
Switching to vaping can be very good for your health, but many have trouble when they’re first starting out Vaping continues to become a more and more popular choice for cigarette smokers looking to quit. The peer-reviewed evidence is growing that not only is vaping much safer than smoking... Read more
World Renowned Dr. Farsalinos Releases New Report Analyzing Vaping Studies
Dr. Farsalinos along with Dr. Gene Gillman looked at 32 different studies that dealt with harmful substances potentially found in e-liquid vapor The world-renowned tobacco control expert, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, has made a name for himself by replicating and rebuking vaping studies that claim to prove excessive harm. His... Read more
Study Shows Teen Smoking Rates Reach All Time Low, Not Slowed By The Growth Of Vaping
The annual Monitoring the Future report indicates that the number of high school seniors who smoke has dropped 73% in the last 20 years Monitoring The Future is an ongoing study of the American youth, aimed at understanding things from their behaviors to their values. Part of the annual... Read more
State Attorney General Sends Letter To FDA Blasting Their Potential Flavor Ban
The AG of Iowa, along with four respected public health experts, write a formal letter to the FDA petitioning their stance on e-liquid flavors The Attorney General for the state of Iowa, Tom Miller, worked in conjunction with several renowned public health experts to write a letter to the... Read more
Tips For The Best Dry Herb Vaping Ever
If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your new dry herb vaporizer, we’ve got some tips that just may do the trick Vaping has exploded in recent years, becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the growth of the community, you can find... Read more
New Company Rethinks The Best Method For Vaping Marijuana Concentrates
Arizona based company Jupiter Research spent over a year and a half researching and developing their new system for vaping weed concentrates When Senior Vice President of manufacturing and product development for NJOY, Mark Scatterday decided to leave his high ranking job in an established e-cigarette maker, many thought... Read more
Five Fantastic Reasons To Quit Smoking With Vaping
It’s a new year, and with it comes the best time to make a positive change for the health of you and your loved ones For many people, the start of a new year is the perfect time to start working on themselves. Millions of smokers around the world... Read more
Latest Monitoring The Future Survey Finds Teen Smoking Continues To Drop, Even As Vaping Becomes More Popular
Annual survey indicates that vaping and marijuana use have surpassed cigarette smoking among teenagers In another blow to the argument that vaping leads to more teens smoking, the latest Monitoring the Future report shows that cigarette smoking has dropped so much that both marijuana and vaping are now both... Read more