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Are Insurance Companies Unfairly Targeting Vapers?
Insurance companies in the UK are punishing people who vape. It’s called a “smoker’s surcharge” and it’s generally applied to traditional cigarette smokers due to increased health risks. Meaning, smokers pay higher premiums. In fact, life insurance premiums are approximately double that of non-smokers. Although it’s widely accepted that... Read more
More Good News: Vaping Helps Smokers Quit, More Studies Confirm This Fact!
Users have been saying vaping helps them quit smoking from the infancy of its use. Often in the face of opposition fueled by ignorance, those who vape face unfair taxes and regulations. It is a misunderstood technology at this time, mostly due to misinformation and speculations. It isn’t helpful... Read more
Vaping Businesses Face Extinction Under Obama Era FDA Regulations in 2018
A potentially life-saving alternative to smoking will effectively be regulated out of existence in the US as of August of 2018. Small businesses that provide vaping supplies will likely be forced to close when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations take effect. As it stands, Republicans control the... Read more
Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age is a Foolish Idea
Laws are being passed to raise the legal age for buying tobacco to 21, but this includes vaping too. Health advocates claim raising the age will reduce the number of smokers. However, there are more dangerous activities you can do before turning 21 years old. Will laws be passed... Read more
Smoking On Decline Thanks To Vaping In This Midwest State
From the start, vaping has been a popular aid to help people stop smoking cigarettes. For many, the long term health statistics are frightening when looking at cigarettes smoking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), reports that Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and... Read more
Does Vaping Harm Your Gums and Teeth?
For many, the first positive benefit that you can enjoy when you switch from cigarettes to vaping is no more stained teeth and foul breath! That alone is motivation to make the change for some. For others, the actual impact of vaping on oral health is an important subject... Read more
Curiously, Vaping Users Who Tweet The Most Are From Nevada
There is a growing vaping community on social media sites. Twitter is one that can be easily measured. Look to Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and even new player Steemit for the influence the vape culture is having. It is a powerful way for pro-vapers to unite and get stronger. Activity... Read more
Stop the FDA from Crippling the Vaping Industry in 2018
In 2018 new FDA regulations on vaping will cause the destruction of the industry as we know it. If the current Trump administration does not step in the were be crippling consequences for those who trying to avoid cigarette smoking.  This is serious and it is not over exaggerated.... Read more
The American Lung Association Caught Lying About Vaping
Why would a representative of the American Lung Association (ALA) outright lie about Vaping and think that others would not notice? Well, it did get noticed and others are speaking up about the irreparable harm this will cause. False information coming from a public agency sets a bad precedence... Read more
Shocking! More Pennsylvania Vape Shops Pay Price for Politics
Pennsylvania’s hefty 40 percent tax on wholesale e-liquid is literally killing vape shops in the state. Two vape shops in Pike County have recently shut their doors because of the tax, and statewide 93 out of 311 vape shops have closed since the tax went into effect. Some shops... Read more
San Francisco Passes Regressive Vaping Bill
The usually progressive city of San Francisco is taking a step backward on the subject of health with its latest decision on vaping. The city supervisors voted to ban flavors of e-cigarette liquid in an effort to curb youth vaping. If the city board also passes the legislation, it... Read more
Teen Vaping Drops, Smoking Stays Low
The rise in recent years of teen e-cigarette use has worried many who fear that kids will skip cigarettes but get addicted to nicotine through vaping. But now new data shows that teen vaping rates are already on the decline, and smoking rates for the age group are staying... Read more
The Senators Letter: Pro-Vaping FDA Commissioner under pressure?
On May 9th, vapers got some good news in the appointment of Scott Gottileb as the head of the Food and Drug administration, better known as the FDA. Gottileb is a man that has shown a more favorable attitude towards vaping in a time where there has been a... Read more
India to Study Vaping to See Effects
In a country with a sharp divide in attitudes about e-cigarettes, studies are about to be undertaken to see what, if anything, needs to be done to regulate the devices. The government of India does not currently regulate e-cigarettes and vaping products at all, but an opposition to vaping... Read more
E-Cigarettes Less Addictive than Cigarettes Per Study
A new study offers more evidence that switching to vaping is a positive health choice for smokers. In addition to being less toxic and less harmful overall than smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes, vaping liquid nicotine may be less addictive than smoking, according to analysis of data at Penn State... Read more
E-Cig Debate National Along Party Lines
Recent legislation aimed at giving smokers more options for harm reduction was a bipartisan effort. The Cole-Bishop amendment was a common-sense request to the FDA, which intends to wipe nearly all vaping products off the market sometime in the future if they don’t pass extensive and very expensive testing.... Read more
Young Adults Used Vaping to Quit Smoking
May 31 every year is World No Tobacco Day, an event that is sponsored by the World Health Organization. WHO uses the day to highlight the dangers of tobacco products and to persuade governments to implement strict anti-tobacco measures. But some governments are restricting e-cigarettes along with tobacco products,... Read more
Australia Unsure on Vaping Laws
Americans who think that the government attitude towards e-cigarettes is bad should consider themselves lucky that they don’t live in Australia. That country has a near complete ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products, while allowing tobacco cigarettes to be completely legal. Meanwhile the country’s 2.6 million smokers either have... Read more
DC Vaping Allies List Growing, Offering More Hope
Despite the failure of the pro-vaping Cole-Bishop Amendment to pass the Senate, the list of vaping supporters in Washington is growing. The new FDA commissioner, who is apparently pro-vaping, has been asked by a Senate chairman to take action to alleviate the burden placed on the vaping industry by... Read more
New Vaping Laws Take Effect in United Kingdom
Britain’s new vaping laws are now official, having taken effect on Sunday May 21. In addition to e-cigarettes, cigarettes are also subject to new laws, including standardized packaging that features extremely graphic health-risk warning labels. The goal of the new laws is to encourage smokers to quit and at... Read more
The E-Cigarette Bans Put Public Health at Risk
An opinion piece in the National Review echoes the sentiments of the vaping community and medical professionals around the world as it calls on the Trump Administration to stop defending the current FDA vaping rules. Now that the amendment to the rules that could have saved many vaping products... Read more
FDA Head Confirmed that Supports Vaping
Scott Gottlieb has been confirmed as the head of the Food and Drug Administration. This could be good news for e-cigarette users and the vaping industry because Gottlieb has a record of being level-headed and science-oriented when it comes to his attitude towards vaping. He has also stated that... Read more
Vape Shop Owners Sound Off On Regulations
E-cigarette shop owners are fighting back against the United States Food and Drug Administration, stating that the community is poised to help smokers quit the dangerous habit but that the agency isn’t doing them any favor by over-regulating the burgeoning market. Over the past year, the FDA has implemented... Read more
Could E-Cigarettes Land You in Legal Trouble?
As vaping laws change around the world it’s important for vapers and vape product retailers to understand the laws, whether we like them or not. Though things are looking up in America for the future of vaping, and some other countries like England are already ahead of the game... Read more
Small City Pushes Back Against FDA on E-Cigarettes
As previously promised, the village board of the city of Hartland, Wisconsin is going forward in its fight against the Food and Drug Administration to help save a local vaping company from potentially disastrous legislation. At issue is the FDA’s testing requirements, which will cost Johnson Creek Enterprises and... Read more
H.R.2194 Could Save Vaping from Deeming Regulations
Another bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives with the aim of saving e-cigarettes from the potentially disastrous FDA deeming rules that are set to take effect fully by August of 2018. Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California, introduced The Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor... Read more
New Vape Friendly Surgeon General Replaces Anti-Vape One
On the heels of FDA chief nominee Scott Gottlieb’s pro-vaping remarks during his confirmation hearing comes more news from Washington that could be good news for vapers: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has resigned. Murthy made headlines as well as some enemies late last year when he sent out a... Read more
The E-Cigarette Fake News Problem
When most people think of the phrase “fake news,” the first thing that comes to mind is the 2016 American Presidential election. However, it’s also a term that fits in nicely with what’s happening to e-cigarettes. Fake news has been growing in all areas for the past few years;... Read more
More Smokers Turning to E-Cigs to Quit Per CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that e-cigarettes are now the top method smokers use to quit smoking. But the organization threw in a negative aspect of their report by proclaiming that most smokers who use e-cigarettes fail to completely give up tobacco cigarettes. CDC released... Read more
US Navy Boots E-Cigarettes From Ships
The United States Navy is putting its foot down when it comes to e-cigarettes. Time is reporting that the military branch announced last Friday that it is placing a temporary ban on e-cigarettes that goes into effect on May 14. This ban will be put into place for sailors,... Read more