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Vaping Tax Held Off Another Year Across The European Union
The prospect of a hefty tax on all vaping products will be mulled over again next year by the European Commission The European Union has decided not to tax any vaping products, at least until next year. This was agreed on by the European Commission last month. The commission... Read more
First Ever Vaporizer Sanctioned By A Public Health Organization Shelved Indefinitely
The eVoke by British American Tobacco was officially designated for medical use over two years ago British American Tobacco has chosen to pull the plug on their once extremely promising eVoke vaporizer. The eVoke was the only vape that has ever received any licensing as a medical device in... Read more
Reports Of Two Marines Dying Due To Vaping CBD Oil Deemed False
The Army Public Health Center updated their warning that initially claimed two marines had died from seizures linked to the CBD oil In today’s world, it can be hard to know what news is real and what is fake. This story goes to show that this is just as... Read more
Independent Panel Tells FDA Not To Allow iQOS To Be Advertised As Harm Reduction Tool
Philip Morris International was looking for approval to market their heat not burn devices as harm reduction tools in America. But is this a good or bad thing for the independent vaping community? An independent advisory panel unanimously decided last week to deny Philip Morris International’s bid to have... Read more
FDA Releases Policy Update Regarding Their Direction On Vaping
This “roadmap” begins to explain the agencies updated stances on many topics, including vaping and smoking The FDA has always been very skeptical when it comes to vaping technology, but under their new commissioner, they’ve started coming around to the science that says e-cigarettes offer significant benefits. When Dr.... Read more
Five Things To Avoid When Switching To Vaping
Switching to vaping can be very good for your health, but many have trouble when they’re first starting out Vaping continues to become a more and more popular choice for cigarette smokers looking to quit. The peer-reviewed evidence is growing that not only is vaping much safer than smoking... Read more
World Renowned Dr. Farsalinos Releases New Report Analyzing Vaping Studies
Dr. Farsalinos along with Dr. Gene Gillman looked at 32 different studies that dealt with harmful substances potentially found in e-liquid vapor The world-renowned tobacco control expert, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, has made a name for himself by replicating and rebuking vaping studies that claim to prove excessive harm. His... Read more
Study Shows Teen Smoking Rates Reach All Time Low, Not Slowed By The Growth Of Vaping
The annual Monitoring the Future report indicates that the number of high school seniors who smoke has dropped 73% in the last 20 years Monitoring The Future is an ongoing study of the American youth, aimed at understanding things from their behaviors to their values. Part of the annual... Read more
State Attorney General Sends Letter To FDA Blasting Their Potential Flavor Ban
The AG of Iowa, along with four respected public health experts, write a formal letter to the FDA petitioning their stance on e-liquid flavors The Attorney General for the state of Iowa, Tom Miller, worked in conjunction with several renowned public health experts to write a letter to the... Read more
Tips For The Best Dry Herb Vaping Ever
If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your new dry herb vaporizer, we’ve got some tips that just may do the trick Vaping has exploded in recent years, becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the growth of the community, you can find... Read more
New Company Rethinks The Best Method For Vaping Marijuana Concentrates
Arizona based company Jupiter Research spent over a year and a half researching and developing their new system for vaping weed concentrates When Senior Vice President of manufacturing and product development for NJOY, Mark Scatterday decided to leave his high ranking job in an established e-cigarette maker, many thought... Read more
Five Fantastic Reasons To Quit Smoking With Vaping
It’s a new year, and with it comes the best time to make a positive change for the health of you and your loved ones For many people, the start of a new year is the perfect time to start working on themselves. Millions of smokers around the world... Read more
Latest Monitoring The Future Survey Finds Teen Smoking Continues To Drop, Even As Vaping Becomes More Popular
Annual survey indicates that vaping and marijuana use have surpassed cigarette smoking among teenagers In another blow to the argument that vaping leads to more teens smoking, the latest Monitoring the Future report shows that cigarette smoking has dropped so much that both marijuana and vaping are now both... Read more
Singapore To Enact One Of The Harshest Bans On Vaping In The World
Law passed in November makes the already illegal to sell or import devices, now forbidden to use even at home Singapore is doubling down on their negative stance of e-cigarettes, with a total ban going into effect in the coming months. Vaporizers are already illegal to import or distribute... Read more
Study Indicates Switching To Vaping For As Little As One Week Can Decrease Carcinogenic Exposure By 57%
The research conducted by Roswell Park was published earlier this year and could prove critical for understanding vaping Vaping continues to be misrepresented by several influential institutions across America such as the FDA and CDC, but as more research proving their efficacy is published, it’s becoming harder to subvert... Read more
Beginners Guide To Vaping Weed
Vaping marijuana can be a bit more complicated than regular e-liquid vaping, so we made this guide to help Many of us have been vaping e-liquids for years now, but something that is becoming more and more popular these days is weed vaping. While weed vaporizers have been around... Read more
Study Shows Vaping Accounts For A 96% Reduction In Adverse Health Effects
Dr. Robert L. Cranfield’s long-term research has only recently been making the rounds, after first being published in 2016 A study that was originally published back in 2016 is finally making the rounds as the fight for vaping rights heats up. The study found that switching to vaping for... Read more
Why The FDA Limiting Proper E-Cigarette Marketing Costs Lives
The FDA has set unrealistic standards for vaping companies being allowed to market their products as harm reduction tools, or smoking cessation aids Even with new FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, announcing in July that they would be extending the deadline for their deeming rules another five years, the... Read more
Vaping Can Help Elderly People Finally Quit Smoking
More and more seniors have found vaping to be their long-awaited key to quitting More elderly smokers are discovering that vaping may be the key to ending their addiction once and for all. In fact, a recent study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that... Read more
Vape Shop Owners Face Harsh New Restrictions In Ontario
The proposed law would make it illegal to demonstrate devices to customers before purchasing, as well as banning several flavors of e-liquid Vape shop owners in Ontario are facing harsh new restrictions on precisely what they can do to promote their products in the store. If the law is... Read more
Yale Professor Says Government Agencies Committed “Public Health Malpractice” In Their Handling Of Vaping
With Big Tobacco forced to admit the real nature smoking, Dr. Sally Satel claims the CDC should do the right thing and acknowledge their concerns over vaping were overblown In a recent post on the American Enterprise Institute’s website, Yale Psychiatrist, Dr. Sally Satel lampooned the CDC and Surgeon... Read more
FDA Creates New Committee Focused On Properly Supporting Vaping, Other NRTs, As Sanctioned Smoking Cessation Tools
Commissioner and others sign FDA blog post that outlines why the creation of a “Nicotine Steering Committee” is so vital in the fight against tobacco Under new Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA has already changed its course on e-cigarettes quite a bit. This has been a welcome change... Read more
Senator Chuck Schumer Continues Campaign Against “Dangerous” Vaping and their “Mystery Chemicals”
Not content with the public vaping ban, Sen. Schumer held a press conference last week in Staten Island, once again calling on the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes New York State just officially banned vaping in all public spaces, but Sen. Schumer isn’t content. It’s only been about a month... Read more
State Polling Finds Vapers Are Much More Likely To Attempt Quitting Smoking
The state of Tennessee conducted a poll to ascertain if vaping is actually being used as a smoking cessation tool like proponents often claim A new poll conducted by the state of Tennessee in conjunction with the CDC found that vapers are more than three times as likely to... Read more
E-Cig ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2018
Updated: 11/28/2017 We will update this page as we get closer to the sales in 2018. Please bookmark this page. Thanksgiving is finally here and along with our favorite holiday meal, we can’t wait to enjoy some amazing discounts on electronic cigarettes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This... Read more
New Long-Term Study Indicates Vaping Causes “No Significant Changes” In Respiratory Function
The study of never-smoking daily vapers used repeated lung function tests over 3.5 years to produce their results Two of the oldest and most common arguments against vaping is that it is detrimental to lung function, as well as being a gateway to smoking. While they have both been... Read more
Australia In Talks To Lift Vaping Ban
Health experts gather in Melbourne to discuss the benefits of allowing nicotine e-cigarettes in traditionally very anti-vaping Australia Australia has consistently been one of the strictest nations when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. This is mainly because they classify nicotine fluid as a Schedule 7 poison, which makes... Read more
Turkey Goes Back On Decision To Relax Vaping Laws
Turkey’s government had previously decided to start allowing e-cigarettes in their country, but after a so-called “strong public reaction,” they’ve chosen to keep the massive bans in place Turkey has consistently been one of the harsher countries when it comes to vaping regulations. But for the first time, there... Read more
Renowned E-Cigarette Advocate, Dr. Farsalinos Uncovers Shady Research Practices
Dr. Farsalinos takes to his well known “E-Cigarette Research” blog to discredit two recent vaping studies for their unrealistic research design Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is a well-known researcher in the field of vaping. He’s been studying the effects of long-term e-cigarette usage for over ten years. He’s built a... Read more
British Parliament Looking Into Claims That Vaping is Renormalizing Smoking
Anti-vapers often claim that e-cigarettes will ultimately reverse declining smoking rates by renormalizing smoking, especially for the youth One of the most commonly debated questions about the efficacy of vaporizing for smoking cessation is whether or not it’s renormalizing smoking among children and teens. For many years now, smoking... Read more