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Vape Shop Owners Face Harsh New Restrictions In Ontario
The proposed law would make it illegal to demonstrate devices to customers before purchasing, as well as banning several flavors of e-liquid Vape shop owners in Ontario are facing harsh new restrictions on precisely what they can do to promote their products in the store. If the law is... Read more
Yale Professor Says Government Agencies Committed “Public Health Malpractice” In Their Handling Of Vaping
With Big Tobacco forced to admit the real nature smoking, Dr. Sally Satel claims the CDC should do the right thing and acknowledge their concerns over vaping were overblown In a recent post on the American Enterprise Institute’s website, Yale Psychiatrist, Dr. Sally Satel lampooned the CDC and Surgeon... Read more
FDA Creates New Committee Focused On Properly Supporting Vaping, Other NRTs, As Sanctioned Smoking Cessation Tools
Commissioner and others sign FDA blog post that outlines why the creation of a “Nicotine Steering Committee” is so vital in the fight against tobacco Under new Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA has already changed its course on e-cigarettes quite a bit. This has been a welcome change... Read more
Senator Chuck Schumer Continues Campaign Against “Dangerous” Vaping and their “Mystery Chemicals”
Not content with the public vaping ban, Sen. Schumer held a press conference last week in Staten Island, once again calling on the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes New York State just officially banned vaping in all public spaces, but Sen. Schumer isn’t content. It’s only been about a month... Read more
State Polling Finds Vapers Are Much More Likely To Attempt Quitting Smoking
The state of Tennessee conducted a poll to ascertain if vaping is actually being used as a smoking cessation tool like proponents often claim A new poll conducted by the state of Tennessee in conjunction with the CDC found that vapers are more than three times as likely to... Read more
E-Cig ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2017
Updated: 11/28/2017 Thanksgiving is finally here and along with our favorite holiday meal, we can’t wait to enjoy some amazing discounts on electronic cigarettes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year’s deals are some of the best we’ve ever seen and most of our top rated brands are... Read more
New Long-Term Study Indicates Vaping Causes “No Significant Changes” In Respiratory Function
The study of never-smoking daily vapers used repeated lung function tests over 3.5 years to produce their results Two of the oldest and most common arguments against vaping is that it is detrimental to lung function, as well as being a gateway to smoking. While they have both been... Read more
Australia In Talks To Lift Vaping Ban
Health experts gather in Melbourne to discuss the benefits of allowing nicotine e-cigarettes in traditionally very anti-vaping Australia Australia has consistently been one of the strictest nations when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. This is mainly because they classify nicotine fluid as a Schedule 7 poison, which makes... Read more
Turkey Goes Back On Decision To Relax Vaping Laws
Turkey’s government had previously decided to start allowing e-cigarettes in their country, but after a so-called “strong public reaction,” they’ve chosen to keep the massive bans in place Turkey has consistently been one of the harsher countries when it comes to vaping regulations. But for the first time, there... Read more
Renowned E-Cigarette Advocate, Dr. Farsalinos Uncovers Shady Research Practices
Dr. Farsalinos takes to his well known “E-Cigarette Research” blog to discredit two recent vaping studies for their unrealistic research design Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is a well-known researcher in the field of vaping. He’s been studying the effects of long-term e-cigarette usage for over ten years. He’s built a... Read more
British Parliament Looking Into Claims That Vaping is Renormalizing Smoking
Anti-vapers often claim that e-cigarettes will ultimately reverse declining smoking rates by renormalizing smoking, especially for the youth One of the most commonly debated questions about the efficacy of vaporizing for smoking cessation is whether or not it’s renormalizing smoking among children and teens. For many years now, smoking... Read more
Are Truck Drivers At The Biggest Risk For Smoking Related Disease?
Truckers are much more likely to smoke than the general public, could vaping be the key to preventing thousands of premature deaths in the industry? Truck drivers tend to be much more susceptible to smoking cigarettes than the general public. Therefore, they’re more likely to be negatively affected by... Read more
Study Finds Second-Hand Vapor Is Not Dangerous
Research published earlier this year finds that vaping, unlike smoking, does not increase the level of harmful indoor particles Electronic cigarettes have been around for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until approximately 2010 that a substantial rise is their prevalence and usage occurred. This happened because the... Read more
New Report Says Vaping Bans Are Increasing Smoking-Related Deaths Each Year
The R Street Institute supports the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Says local bans are actively limiting the number of smokers attempting to quit A report released last week lampooned the countless vaping bans popping up all across the country for making it harder for smokers to quit.... Read more
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Bans Indoor Vaping Throughout The State
E-Cigarettes added to NY’s Clean Indoor Air Act, proving once again how ingrained the association of vaping with smoking is On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that places e-cigarettes of all kinds under the jurisdiction of New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act. This ban is... Read more
“Heat Not Burn” Products Looking To Make A Splash In US, Vaping Industry Skeptical Of Who Benefits Most
As the FDA reviews HnB technology for legal sale in the United States, what will their introduction mean for vaping as a whole? There’s a new smoke-free alternative developed by big tobacco companies like Philip Morris International. The method utilized is known as Heat not Burn (HnB), and it... Read more
British Psychological Society Comes Out In Strong Support Of Vaping For Smoking Cessation
The longstanding professional psychology association recently released a briefing on e-cigarettes that argues, among other things, vaping could succeed where traditional NRTs fail because of their similar sensory cues The British Psychological Society is a well respected professional association and charity that has been working to “increase the influence... Read more
FDA’s Deeming Rule Already Hurting Independent Vaping Industry
E-liquid pioneers, Johnson Creek Enterprises declare bankruptcy earlier this week. Marks the second large independent vaping business to close this year due to added pressure from the new deeming rules. Johnson Creek Enterprises, formerly the largest entirely independent e-liquid manufacturer, announced that they would be closing their doors for... Read more
American Lung Association “Lying” About Risk Of E-Cigarettes, According To Renowned Public Health Expert
Dr. Michael Siegel says ALA’s director of tobacco control and public policy in Wisconsin lied when she lampooned vaping for being just as dangerous as smoking Dr. Michael Siegel is a well known public health expert who has been fighting against the tobacco industry for over 30 years. Currently,... Read more
Philippine Department Of Health Is Urged To Support Vaping As Harm Reducing
The House Joint Committee on Health, Trade, and Industry pass House Resolution 973 which urges the DOH to implement harm reduction education as part of the adopted Framework Convention on Tobacco Control agreement. The Philippines House Joint Committee on Health, Trade, and Industry has urged the Department of Health... Read more
FDA Moves To Reduce Nicotine Levels, Opens Discussion With Public
Newly appointed FDA Commissioner says focus of his administration will be reducing the influence of nicotine, acknowledging it lies at the heart of the problem and solution. Ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated in January, vaping retailers have wondered how the United States Food and Drug Administration would handle... Read more
Are Newly Popular Nicotine Salts The Real Deal?
Is this alternative form of nicotine just a fad, or a legitimate way to improve the smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes? There is a new wave of e-liquid products that are touted as the next big thing by certain circles. They are made using the salt-based form of nicotine.... Read more
Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia Backs Vaping, Says Switching Will “Lead To Substantial Health Improvements”
The move from DANA comes after the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists came out earlier this year supporting e-cigarettes as “minimizing the harms associated with smoking tobacco” In July of this year the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists published a press release that... Read more
Director of UNC Research Center Tries And Fails To Discredit Vaping, Admits They Can’t Back Up Claims
The Director of UNC’s Obstructive Lung Diseases Clinical and Translational Research Center firmly believes vaping is neither reducing harm or helping people quit, but acknowledges years of more research is required to actually know. The University of North Carolina published a preliminary study that claimed to find no evidence... Read more
India Considering A Vaping Ban, Public Health Experts Warn It’ll Do More Harm Than Good
Dr. Maqsood Siddiqi and Prof. Rajesh Sharan are once again urging lawmakers in India to support vaping as a smoking cessation aid. India is plagued by extremely high smoking rates, including a sharp rise in female smokers over the last ten years. According to the 2016 Global Burden of... Read more
Vaping Researchers Face Trouble Finding Participants Due To Bad Press
Researchers are finding that many vapers don’t want to take part in their surveys and experiments for fear that their information will be used to hurt the image of vaping further. As we all know, vaping has a totally undeserved bad reputation. It is proven to be much less... Read more
Re-Analysis Of Surgeon General’s 2016 Vape Warning Indicate Misleading Comments
Team of researchers analyzed the same statistics referenced in former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s December 2016 report. In December 2016, United States Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, released a report that painted e-cigarettes as a major health concern as opposed to a proven harm reduction tool. He argued that... Read more
San Francisco Upholds Upcoming Ban On Flavored Tobacco Products Despite Petition
Board of Supervisors vote down official petition of San Francisco’s impending flavor ban. This past June, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors ruled in favor of a ban on flavored tobacco products in the city. The law would go into effect on April 1st, 2018 if all goes according to... Read more
New Research Shows Vaping Helps Smokers With Severe Mental Illnesses
Two recent studies both show marked improvement in stress related symptoms and violence with consistent e-cigarette use. Mental illness is a complicated and broad issue that we must work on being better at understanding. Almost 70% of the world’s bipolar population still smoke traditional cigarettes, even while smoking rates... Read more
NYC’s New Set of Tobacco Bills Actively Work Against Their Own Goals
By equating vaping with tobacco smoke, city legislators are sending the wrong message and hurting many of those who want to quit smoking The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, signed a series of bills aimed at reducing the overall number of smokers in the city by... Read more