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Berkeley Takes Extreme Stance Against Electronic Cigarettes
Over the past year, we’ve seen several cities crack down on vaping. Ecigs are now banned in many public places just like tobacco cigarettes. However, no other city can quite compare to Berkeley when it comes to extreme anti-vaping legislation. This city is doing everything possible to wage a... Read more
Prince Edward Island Introduces New Restrictions on Ecigarettes
Beginning on September 1, Prince Edward Island will ban electronic cigarettes in all areas where smoking is prohibited. This is the first of several changes that will take place in vaping legislation for the province. In October, authorities plan to restrict advertising and visibility of ecigs in retail stores.... Read more
Public Health England Pushes for Smokers to Receive Free Ecigs Through NHS
As research uncovers more information about vaping, health experts are forced to reexamine their stance on vaping. This week, Public Health England made an official stand in support of ecigs and even recommended that the National Health Service make electronic cigarettes available to smokers as a quit tool. Recent... Read more
Survey Proves Ecigs Do Not Lead Teens to Use Tobacco
Critics of the electronic cigarette industry often claim that ecigs will act as a gateway to tobacco use for teens. However, a new survey is debunking that myth and contradicting many previous reports about how vaping impacts today’s children. In a recent YouGov survey of 11-18 year olds, researchers... Read more
Vaping Banned in All Boulder County Public Housing
Colorado is well known for its liberal policies on smoking. After all, marijuana is fully legalized and the state generally turns a blind eye to public consumption. However, the Boulder County Housing Authority is cracking down on the rules in the 611 rental properties. Effective August 17, a new... Read more
Vaping Advocates Fear that FDA Regulations Will Surrender Ecigs to Big Tobacco
There are hundreds of cigarette brands to choose from, but almost all of them come from four major tobacco companies. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes come from thousands of companies and each has their own unique approach to vaping and eliquids. Many of today’s ecig companies are still... Read more
Vape Shops Offer Devices to Medical Marijuana Users, But Are They Selling Out?
Electronic cigarettes are still highly controversial in the United States. People either love them or hate them, but it’s almost always a hot button issue when you bring it up in a crowd. Now vaping is causing even more controversy thanks to ecig store owners that are catering to... Read more
Electronic Cigarettes Now Forbidden Among Muslims
The world is full of ecig critics, but the Muslim community is the latest group to jump on the vape hate train. According to Islamic authorities, the use of ecigs is now forbidden. The decision was recently posted on Facebook after the Office of the Mufti held a meeting... Read more
New Vape Café Offers Ecig Fans a Place to Relax in Spartanburg
The vaping community is growing rapidly in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Susan and Billy Hedden are excited to open a new Vape Cafe to give local vapers a place to relax. The café opens this weekend and will offer a casual dive where vapers can shop for new gear,... Read more
Researcher Claims Ecigs Are More Addictive than Cigarettes
Most vapers choose to trade out their old tobacco smokes for ecigs because they believe vaping is a healthier alternative. But a new study is challenging that point of view by claiming that ecigarettes could actually be more addictive than traditional cigarettes. Before you get too worried, let’s take... Read more
New Study Blames Teen Vaping on Peer Pressure
A new study from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is giving us a closer look at teen vaping habits. Researchers wanted to know if outside factors influenced teens to use ecigarettes. Ultimately, they found that young people are more likely to vape if their friends and... Read more
New Survey Reveals that Most Americans Want to Increase Smoking Age to 21
According to a new survey conducted by the CDC, the majority of Americans believe the legal smoking age should be raised to 21. Current laws restrict alcohol purchases to individuals age 21 or over, but in most states, 18 is the minimum age to purchase tobacco products. This new... Read more
Upcoming Documentary Explores How Big Pharma is Trying to Kill Vaping
Aaron Biebert is not a smoker, but he has seen the devastating effects of tobacco use. After noticing many of his friends using e-cigs, he took an interest and started learning more about them. He was alarmed to see that the media and Big Pharma are doing everything possible... Read more
Study Predicts As Many Ecig Users as Tobacco Smokers Within Three Years
According to a new study, the electronic cigarette industry could overtake traditional tobacco products and it might happen sooner than you think. Experts predict that within just three years, there will be as many ecig users as tobacco smokers. The growth of the vaping movement in the UK has... Read more
New Research Shows that Ecig Ads Make Vaping Attractive to Teens
Have you ever seen an advertisement for pizza that left you craving a big, cheesy slice from your favorite pizzeria? Have you ever seen an advertisement for cosmetic products that peaked your interest and caused you to look for that brand online or in department stores? The whole goal... Read more
Moffitt Cancer Center Awarded $3.6 Million Grant for Ecig Research
Research is more important than ever before for the ecig community as lawmakers are calling for more scientific evidence to prove that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Now new research will soon be underway thanks to a $3.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health awarded to... Read more
Canadian Heart Surgeon Insists that Ecigs Help People Quit Smoking
While most of the medical community remains skeptical about the benefits of electronic cigarettes, a Canadian heart surgeon is publicly praising ecigarettes for saving lives. In fact, Dr. Gopal Bhatnager believes so strongly in the ecig cause that he started his own ecigarette company called 180 Smoke. Now he... Read more
Experts Predict Ecig Revenue Will Reach $50 Billion by 2030
As the world begins to embrace electronic cigarettes, experts believe the market will continue growing over the next 15 years. From 2013 to 2014, ecig revenue nearly doubled topping out at $6 billion last year. Currently, the United States is the dominating region for ecigs, bringing in nearly half... Read more
Science Shows that Vaping is Safer than Smoking and Here’s the Proof
You’ve heard all the propaganda coming from the naysayers. Politics and the media love to hype up the dangers of vaping, but the only science they present to defend their point of view can be traced back to questionable funding and potential lobbyist conflicts. So how can you really... Read more
Selling Ecigs in India Could Result in Hard Time Behind Bars
India has taken a hard stance against electronic cigarettes in the past, but now the country’s lawmakers are clamping down even more. This week, India’s Food and Drug Administration sent out notices to importers and distributors alerting them that selling ecigs without permission from the Drug Controller General of... Read more
ASPCA Speaks Out About Vaping Dangers for Pets
Common sense tells us that nicotine isn’t something our pets should be exposed to, but the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center still receives a lot of nicotine related calls every year. Most of the time, callers are panicked because a pet ate a cigarette or chewed some nicotine gum.... Read more
American Medical Association Wants to Raise Legal Vaping Age to 21
The majority of states in the US have already implemented laws that restrict the sale of electronic cigarettes to people over age 18. However, the American Medical Association believes that isn’t sufficient. Now they are calling on lawmakers to increase the legal age to buy ecigs to 21. Let’s... Read more
Shocking Lab Tests Reveal Deadly Toxins Hiding in Some Eliquids
The US ecig industry is currently unregulated, but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore certain standards for safety and quality control. This week, shocking news came from the Vapor Shark Company when they sent all of the eliquid brands they carry out to a lab for testing. The... Read more
New Study Paints Grim Health Predictions for Smokers
If you don’t know that smoking can make you sick, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past fifty years. We hear about the risks of using tobacco all the time, but now some new research has left many current and former smokers feeling more uncertain about... Read more
Kansas Vape Shop Profits Could Go Up In Smoke Thanks to New Tax
Vape shops in Kansas having been thriving in recent months and many are seeing as much as 20 percent profit growths every month. However, that could all soon change now that the state senate has approved a new bill to tax e-liquids at .20 per milliliter. While lawmakers are... Read more
Wales Bans Public Vaping
Vapers in Wales will soon be barred from using their electronic cigarettes in public places and even at work thanks to a new public health law. The new ban is the first time public vaping has been outlawed anywhere within the UK and it has caused a lot of... Read more
Today’s Smokers Are More Addicted Than Ever Before
For nearly a quarter of a century the number of smokers has steadily decreased. In fact, industry insiders have pegged the number to be somewhere around the 33% in terms of the actual number of people who have moved on from the tobacco habit. However it is also important... Read more
New Ecig Study Misleads People Into Believing Vaping Is Dangerous
As the world calls for more research on electronic cigarettes, we need to be really clear on one important point. We don’t just need new research, we need accurate and unbiased research. Far too often, we see studies come forward that mislead and misrepresent vaping. Oftentimes, the researchers are... Read more
Smoking Linked to Higher Suicide Risk
We all know that smoking is a deadly habit, but some new information from the New England Journal of Medicine shows that there may be a new risk factor that we never considered before. Apparently, smoking is linked to a higher risk for suicide. Scientists examined deaths of 100,000... Read more
Lawsuit Erupts As Big Tobacco Protests New Packaging Rules in Britain
Beginning next spring, Britain will require that all cigarettes be sold in plain uniform packaging. In addition to removing all marketing and branding information from the packs, companies will also be required to display graphic warnings that include photos of diseased human tissues to warn people about the harms... Read more