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New Study to Determine Risk of Secondhand Ecig Vapor
Trevor Robinson was just fourteen when he started smoking and by the time he reached his twenties, he had a two pack a day habit, a habit that would eventually kill him. Today, he isn’t afraid to talk about his addiction. “I was one of those people who lit... Read more
E-Cig ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2015
Updated: 6:34AM CST 11/27/2015 Thanksgiving is finally here and along with our favorite holiday meal, we can’t wait to enjoy some amazing discounts on electronic cigarettes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year’s deals are some of the best we’ve ever seen and most of our top rated brands... Read more
FDA Regulations Could Eliminate Most Eliquid Flavors and Triple Ecig Prices
As we wait to hear the final details of the FDA’s ecigarette regulations, no one is feeling good about the future of the industry. Details are slowly leaking out about what the FDA is planning and it is clear that major changes are ahead. The days of walking into... Read more
Big Tobacco Speaks Out Against FDA Ecig Regulations
In a bizarre turn of events, Big Tobacco is actually speaking out against the upcoming ecig regulations from the FDA. Since day one, the tobacco companies have been vocally supportive of regulating ecigs so this is a strange twist. Most people view the major tobacco brands as mortal enemies... Read more
These 10 Stars Got Caught Using Ecigs in 2015
Hollywood’s hottest stars used to be obsessed with smoking, but that has changed now that ecigarettes are on the scene. This year, celebs are more interested in trying out the newest ecigs and experimenting with different flavors to find the best tobacco-free alternative. Check out the latest celebs to... Read more
Ecigs Could Soon Be Outlawed for Home-Based Workers in Wales
Working from home has a lot of great advantages, including the freedom to use your electronic cigarette during business hours. However, home-based workers in Wales could soon find their ecig use restricted if a new bill is passed. The radical new legislation would make it illegal to use an... Read more
One Third of Americans Believe Ecigs Are Just as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes
Over the past two years as FDA regulations loomed large for the ecig industry, there has been a full-fledged media war surrounding electronic cigarettes. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have been fighting hard to convince people that ecigs are dangerous. Public health campaigns have painted ecigs as toxic and... Read more
Health Officials Call for Raids on Malaysian Ecig Shops
Electronic cigarettes have become hugely popular in Malaysia over the past year. In a country steeped in Islamic rules where alcohol is forbidden, people have quickly embraced ecigs as a chance to enjoy a little guilty pleasure. Ecigs have largely been successful thanks to the wide variety of eliquids,... Read more
Here’s Your Chance to Win a Free V2 Pro Series 7 Kit
Everyone loves winning something for free, but our latest giveaway is without doubt the most exciting one we’ve ever offered. We’re giving away four V2 Pro Series 7 Kits with all three attachments included. Each kit is valued at $199.98 and four of our lucky readers will take them... Read more
10 Studies That the FDA Didn’t Read About E-Cigarettes
After many months of delays, the FDA is finally nearing the end of the process to regulate electronic cigarettes. The final proposal is now waiting for signatures in Washington, marking one of the last steps before the regulations are implemented. While the FDA has not yet revealed their ecig... Read more
New CDC Report Stuns Critics and Proves Ecigs Help Smokers Quit
Critics are constantly looking for new scare tactics to convince people to steer clear of ecigarettes. They twist research, question quality control, and push for regulation all while assuming that Americans are going to follow along blindly and just naively believe that they are telling the truth. But now... Read more
Shocking New Study Reveals Ecig Bans Only Lead to Higher Smoking Rates Among Minors
Electronic cigarettes are more than just an alternative to cigarettes. In many ways, they have become their own subculture with community meet ups, vape shops, and eliquids in every flavor imaginable. While ecigs seem to be a godsend for frustrated smokers who can’t seem to quit, many are worried... Read more
Traveling Vapers Beware: Ecigs Now Banned From Checked Bags
On Monday, the United States Department of Transportation announced that all electronic cigarettes are now banned in checked baggage on commercial flights. While passengers were previously allowed to bring their ecigs in checked bags, the risk of fire from improperly stored batteries is causing the DOT to change their... Read more
Health Policy Researcher Predicts FDA Regulation for Ecigs Could Do More Harm Than Good
The FDA is moving forward with plans to regulate electronic cigarettes and this week, they submitted the finalized copy of the deeming regulations to the White House Office of Management and Budget for approval. Once approved, the regulations will be published in “The Federal Register” and will go into... Read more
Vape Shop Owners Face Uphill Battle Thanks to Regulatory Uncertainty
Electronic cigarette shops are popping up all over the world in recent months and most of us just assume these businesses are started like any other. However, vape stores face many challenges thanks to all the uncertainty surrounding ecig regulations. In some cities, it’s easier to open up a... Read more
Doctors Point Out Inconsistencies and Blatant Lies in Recent Ecig Study
You can’t believe everything you read, even when the information comes from supposed scientists. A perfect example of this is a recent publication that claimed that air samples from the homes of ecig users were toxic. The study concluded that “secondhand” vapor was posing a serious health threat, but... Read more
New Bill Could Ban Ecig Sales in Philadelphia Drug Stores
When you want to buy a new ecigarette, you can usually step into any corner store or pharmacy to get what you need. However, some lawmakers in Philadelphia want to ban the sale of ecigarettes in pharmacies. Councilwoman Marian Tasco started pushing for the new bill last week, but... Read more
Indiana Lawmakers Argue Over How to Control Recent Surge in Smoking
The latest reports reveal that 23 percent of adults in Indiana are smokers. With smoking rates climbing well above the national average, the state’s legislative committee is considering new measures to discourage people from using tobacco. At a recent public hearing, lawmakers debated a variety of potential ideas ranging... Read more
New Study Examines How Vaping Impacts Pregnant Women
As the electronic cigarette industry continues to see fast-paced growth, researchers are struggling to keep up. Each month, we hear about new studies underway that will give us a better glimpse at just how ecigs impact public health. Now researchers from the University of Kentucky College of Nursing are... Read more
Jury Awards $1.9 Million to Woman After Exploding Ecig Leaves Her With Permanent Scars
In March 2013, California native Jennifer Ries and her husband were driving to the airport when the unthinkable happened. Ries plugged her VapCigs ecigarette into the charger and the battery exploded, shooting hot metal all over her and catching her dress on fire. Her husband acted quickly and threw... Read more
Outraged Mom Criticizes School for Confiscating Son’s E-Cigarette
When 14-year-old Mason Dunn was spotted with an e-cigarette at school, teachers confiscated the device. Now his mother is outraged and publicly criticized school officials for their disciplinary actions. Mason’s mother, Sue, said that she bought her son the ecig to help him stop smoking. After his father died,... Read more
Man Blames Exploding Ecig For Massive Burns, But His Ecig Was Not the Real Cause
It was a horrifying moment for 21-year-old Christopher Robran when he looked down and realized his pants were on fire. Now Robran is blaming his electronic cigarette for the second and third degree burns he suffered, but if you listen closely to the story, you will realize the ecig... Read more
Doctor Claims Isolated Nicotine Use Could Be Good For Your Brain
In our society, nicotine is largely associated with smoking and this has created quite a negative stigma around the substance. While most doctors warn their patients against using nicotine, there is one doctor who is taking a different approach. Dr. David Dominic decided to study how nicotine impacts the... Read more
Study Shows Genetics Could Make You More Vulnerable to Nicotine Addiction
Do you remember the first time you tried nicotine? When you smoked your first cigarette, did you enjoy it or were you immediately turned off? A new study from John Hopkins University School of Medicine investigated why people have such different reactions to their first nicotine exposures and the... Read more
National Park Service Issues New Ban on Vaping
Since 2003, smoking has been outlawed indoors and across many outdoor areas owned by the National Park Service. But this week, a new ecig ban was announced that has left many vapers feeling frustrated. According to Director Jonathan Jervis, the National Park Service is outlawing electronic cigarettes in all... Read more
Chicago’s New Ecig Tax Spells Disaster for Public Health and Small Businesses
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing everything possible to increase tax revenue in Chicago. With deficits reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, the city cannot afford to pay police and firefighter pensions without taking drastic measures. That’s why Emanuel has decided to target the ecig community. Since many smokers have... Read more
Second Hand Ecig Vapor Is Less Harmful Than Normal Exhaled Breath
In a new study from the Spanish Council of Scientific Research, we finally have some answers to the many questions about second hand ecig vapor. Lawmakers have been banning ecigs in public places across the United States because they claim that we just can’t be sure about the risks... Read more
Scientists Discover Lower Levels of Carbon Monoxide After Smokers Switch to Ecigs
Skeptics often point out that we have no concrete evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarette smoke. But this week, a new study is putting rumors to the test and vindicating ecigarettes from many myths and false accusations. Dr. Hayden McRobbie, a professor of public... Read more
Studies Reveal the Surprising Benefits of Nicotine
Albert Einstein once said, “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Was the world’s most incredible genius hinting at the potential power of nicotine? For years, doctors have warned us that nicotine is bad. However, new studies are uncovering... Read more
Berkeley Takes Extreme Stance Against Electronic Cigarettes
Over the past year, we’ve seen several cities crack down on vaping. Ecigs are now banned in many public places just like tobacco cigarettes. However, no other city can quite compare to Berkeley when it comes to extreme anti-vaping legislation. This city is doing everything possible to wage a... Read more