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New Indiana Bill Gives Big Tobacco Unfair Advantages
When Indiana state legislators passed Act 1432, they set local ecig companies up for failure. This new law is changing the way ecig businesses will operate by requiring that they register with the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. In order to receive the mandatory permit, they must adhere to... Read more
New Survey Reveals Common Motivations for Vaping
The FDA is still waffling on ecig regulations as they seek answers to questions about how vaping impacts health and addiction. In an effort to promote vaping research, an electronic cigarette shop in Chesterfield County, Virginia conducted a survey of the area’s ecig users to learn more about their... Read more
Man Sues Blu Ecigs For Claiming Ecigs are Safer than Tobacco Cigs
Electronic cigarette companies are careful not to state that ecigs are safer or healthier than tobacco cigarettes. There is just too much liability to make those claims in even the face of research to prove that those statements are actually true. Despite careful attention to not making health related... Read more
Can Ecigs Really Do Major Damage to Your Brain?
This week, we’ve seen another round of misinformation circling in the media thanks to statements from Dr. Jonathan Winickoff of Massachusetts General Hospital for Children. While his warnings might seem good intentioned, take a closer look and you will see that this is nothing more than another series of... Read more
Ontario Bans Flavored Tobacco, But E-Liquids Can Stay
Ontario is cracking down on the tobacco industry and will soon implement the strictest policies in Canada. The latest attempt to squash the tobacco movement is banning all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes. The new “Making Healthier Choices Act” will outlaw fruity flavored cigarettes and cigars, menthols, and... Read more
Connecticut Wants to Force Ecig Sellers to Pay Extra Fees Each Year
As legislators struggle with how to regulate electronic cigarettes, there is one thing that is certain. They are not going to overlook another opportunity to make some extra money. Whether it’s additional ecig taxation or licensing fees, states are constantly coming up with new ways to cash in on... Read more
Hawaii’s Governor Bans Electronic Cigarettes
Hawaii’s Governor David Ige is still moving forward with his attack on tobacco and now he is turning his focus to electronic cigarettes. This week, he signed Act 19 into law, which raises the legal smoking age to 21 in the Aloha State. The bill also bans electronic cigarettes... Read more
Research Reveals Which Ecigs are Best for Smoking Cessation
Every day, dozens of smokers invest in their first ecigs with the hope of kicking the tobacco habit. But new research shows that you need to right kind of ecig if you want the best chance of success. Scientists surveyed hundreds of smokers and vapers to find out which... Read more
What the CDC Isn’t Telling You About Teens and E-Cigarettes
This week, the Centers for Disease Control released a new report that paints a grim picture about teens and ecigarettes. The mainstream media is latching onto the new statistics as further evidence that vaping is the enemy, but the data tells a completely different story. While teen ecig use... Read more
The Number One Reason Why Women Are Still Lighting Up
From graphic advertisements to lectures from our parents, we’ve all been told that smoking is a deadly habit. Yet, many American women continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes everyday and the reason might surprise you. According to a new report from WebMD, many women refuse to give up tobacco because... Read more
University of Wisconsin Launches Five Year Study of Electronic Cigarettes
Research is one of the most important aspects of the electronic cigarette industry these days. With each new study, we discover more benefits and have new information to offer to skeptics that want to lump ecigs in with tobacco products. Now a new study is set to launch at... Read more
New Ecig Tax Could Triple the Price of Eliquids
While many states are considering how to tax ecigs fairly, a handful of states are taking a harsh approach that could really damage the ecig industry. Recently, Ohio Governor John Kasich proposed a new tax on vapers that could lead to a major disaster. He wants to tax eliquids... Read more
Misguided Health Officials Try to Banish Vaping in China
China is one of the world’s major hubs for ecig manufacturing, but that could all change if some anti-smoking advocates get their way. These health officials are pushing hard for a total ban on ecigs. They hope to see manufacturing, importing, advertising, marketing, and even sales disappear in the... Read more
Wisconsin Leaders Divided on Ecig Regulation and Taxation
Wisconsin is no stranger to controversy or conflict. In a state that has come to be defined by the polarizing political figures on both sides of the aisle, another hot topic is sure to light the fuse of many activists and citizens alike. The current controversy is all about... Read more
Hawaii Introduces 80 Percent Tax on Ecigs
Hawaii lawmakers voted unanimously this week to classify all products containing nicotine as “tobacco products”. The much debated bill also includes a massive 80 percent tax on loose tobacco, small cigars, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. The tax revenue from ecigs will go directly to the University of Hawaii... Read more
Scientists Say Public Vaping Isn’t Posing a Risk to Your Health
More and more cities are banning ecigs in public places where smoking is already prohibited, but scientists say that these rules are unnecessary. Based on a recent study, there is no detectable risk when people vape in a public place. Scientists tested samples to determine if there is any... Read more
Health Experts Take a Stand for Vaping
This weekend, health experts gathered at an anti-tobacco conference to discuss the benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes. While many expected the experts to take a hard nosed approach towards vaping, the reality was much different. The vast majority took a stand for the ecig industry, insisting that it... Read more
Washington Proposes 95% Tax For Ecigs
For many years, governments of the world have used taxes to line their pockets and to “keep the roads and bridges” in good working order. It is a long and painful history lesson that most of us understand all too well. The government takes money that we earn simply... Read more
City Council Sets Vape Shops Up to Fail with No Sampling Rules
When people visit a vape shop, they go in with the expectation that they can sample eliquid flavors, check out the newest ecig designs, and hang out with their vaping friends while they puff big clouds. But that is all changing in the town of Pooler, Georgia thanks to... Read more
Online Age Verification Does Little to Prevent Underage Ecig Sales
Experts are concerned that teens have unlimited access to electronic cigarettes thanks to the Internet. Despite most ecig retailers having online age verification gateways, these largely fail and kids are easily able to access ecigs online. Rebecca Williams, from UNC Chapel Hill, reported that many North Carolina teenagers have... Read more
Scientist Discovers that Inhaled Propylene Glycol Kills the Flu Virus
Tobacco companies want you to believe that electronic cigarettes are dangerous. Lawmakers are trying to ban them and public health officials are constantly harping on the dangers of the “unknown” impact of ecig vapor. But the truth is that we know plenty about how ecigs affect human health. In... Read more
Scientists Say Ecigs Emit Virtually Zero Toxins
The media loves to run stories about the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes. We’ve heard countless public health officials argue for ecig regulations because they believe we simply don’t know enough about them from a scientific point of view. But now scientists are fighting back and bringing forward new... Read more
Scientists Discover Smokers Gain Three Times More Weight Than Nonsmokers
If you believe that smoking helps you keep your weight down, it’s time to reconsider. It’s a common myth that smoking helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and raising your metabolism. Now a new study from the Oregon Research Institute is revealing some surprising facts about how... Read more
Vaping Advocates Make Waves and Overturn Unfair Adoption Policy
After a British couple went public with the story of their failed adoption, the world was simply shocked. With so many children stuck in foster care, it seems impossible that a loving family would be denied the opportunity to adopt simply for using e-cigarettes, but that is exactly what... Read more
Tobacco Control Expert Sets the Record Straight on Vaping
Linda Bauld is not new to the dangers of tobacco use. After years of work as the scientific advisor on tobacco control for the UK, she knows all too well how damaging smoking can be. But this week, she stepped away from talking about smoking to address common concerns... Read more
Employers Worry After First Ever Vaping Tribunal Brings Surprising Decision
Now that electronic cigarettes are drawing widespread attention and growing in popularity worldwide, employers are struggling to determine how to handle vaping in the workplace. Even those that prefer a vape-free environment are often at a loss for how to enforce the new policy because vaping can be difficult... Read more
Disturbing: School Administrators Classify Ecigs as Drug Devices
When a teenager shows up to school with a bong in his backpack, he’s begging to get busted. But bringing along a pack of cigarettes has never been a big deal. Teenage smoking is a problem, sure, but most schools just give kids a slap on the wrist for... Read more
San Francisco to Fine Passengers for Vaping on Public Transportation
Vapers who travel on the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system are about to face some frustrating changes. This week, the board of directors voted unanimously to ban ecigs from all city trains and stations. Spokesman Taylor Huckaby said the decision came after passengers started complaining about... Read more
Students at Iowa State University Debate Ecig Ban on Campus
Electronic cigarettes are a hot topic these days, particularly on college campuses where many students are opting to vape as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. This week, Iowa State University held a big debate over this issue as the Government of the Student Body tried to decide whether ecigs... Read more
Study Reveals Ecigs Are Less Addictive Than Nicotine Gum
Tobacco control activists have often argued against electronic cigarettes by claiming that they are addictive and will ultimately only lead more people to using cigarettes. But scientists wanted to know if there was any truth to those rumors so they started a new study to look at the addictive... Read more