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New Petition Urges Facebook to Stop Treating Ecigs As Tobacco Products
When Kevin Price realized that Facebook classified ecigarettes as tobacco products, he was outraged. He turned to Change.org to gather support and created a petition asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to remove ecigs from the tobacco category and treat them as smoking cessation devices instead. The petition quickly drew... Read more
These States Are Shamelessly Taxing Ecigs to Line Their Pockets and Support Big Tobacco
You’ve probably heard politicians spout rhetoric about the dangers of tobacco use, but make no mistake about it; tobacco is not the enemy of any state in our nation. The real enemy these days is electronic cigarettes and some state leaders will stop at nothing to put an end... Read more
Get a First Look at This Year’s Highly Anticipated Ecig Documentary
If you’re frustrated by the unending stream of anti-ecig rhetoric from regulators, health experts, and government leaders, you aren’t alone. There’s no denying that there is a war raging against ecigarettes, but the real question is why. In the upcoming documentary, “A Billion Lives”, director Aaron Biebert hopes to... Read more
Mayo Clinic Provides Ecigs to Smokers to Reduce Risk for Surgical Complications
Patients who smoke face an increased risk of complications during and after surgery. That’s why doctors at the Mayo Clinic have spent the last two years researching ways to help smokers kick the habit before going under the knife. From December 2014 to June 2015, the Mayo Clinic offered... Read more
Follow the Money to Find Out Why the American Lung Association is Hating on Leo for Using Ecigs
Over the weekend, the world watched eagerly to see who would take home this year’s prestigious Screen Actors Guild awards. One of the highlights of the night was the moment when Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role” for his appearance... Read more
Be 1 of 4 Winners to Get $150 V2 Cigs Store Credit
Promotion Alert: Win $150 in store credit with the purchase of V2 Cigs for new customers! V2 Cigs is giving away $150 to 4 lucky winners that are new customers who purchase a V2 Cigs product in a promotion with ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net. To enter, all you need to do is... Read more
Billionaire Pledges $1 Million to Push for Higher Tax on Ecigarettes in California
In today’s world, money talks. If you have a lot of money, you can do practically anything. Just take a look at Donald Trump – a billionaire with zero political experience and now he’s at the top of the Republican polls for the presidential primary elections. This week, a... Read more
New Study Reveals Major Cardiovascular Improvements When Smokers Switch to Ecigs
Tobacco use carries extreme health risks, particularly for heart disease. If you’re still smoking cigarettes, you’re twice as likely to have a heart attack. You are essentially a ticking time bomb with increased risk of developing coronary heart disease or suffering from a life-threatening stroke. Research shows that smoking... Read more
Alaska’s New TV Ad Implies Ecigs Contain Nail Polish Remover and Embalming Fluid
The debate about ecig safety continues to spread across the United States, but the latest anti-ecig sentiments are possibly the most outrageous yet. While we’ve heard many health “experts” make false claims about ecigs, Alaska’s health authorities have taken it to a whole new level with a television ad... Read more
Scientists Shamelessly Twist Data in Attempt to Prove Ecigs Hinder Smoking Cessation
It seems that haters will stop at nothing to ruin the ecigarette industry. Ethical research has practically disappeared these days, especially when it comes to ecigs and how they impact your health. This week, we saw another example of bad science in a study published in the Swiss Medical... Read more
American Heart Association “Disturbed” That Teens Use Ecigs Instead of Tobacco
The American Heart Association recently made a statement that has health experts reeling. In an unprecedented press release, the AHA actually stated, “While the downward trend in teen cigarette smoking is a wonderful victory, this success has been sullied by the disturbing trend of young Americans turning to e-cigarettes... Read more
Expert Claims War on Ecigs is Death Sentence for Vulnerable Smokers
After more than thirty years of working as an anti-tobacco activist, Professor David Sweanor is well aware that smoking is a deadly habit. He has never shied away from pushing for laws to stop tobacco use and protect public health. However, this week Sweanor boldly spoke out to contradict... Read more
New Survey Reveals Disastrous Consequences of FDA Ecig Regulations
The FDA will release their new regulations for ecigarettes this year and opinions have varied widely on how it will impact the ecig industry as a whole. While most agree the results won’t be pretty, a new survey from CASAA reveals just how bad things could get. After surveying... Read more
UK Prime Minister Praises Ecigs for Helping Smokers Quit
Smoking related diseases claim the lives of 80,000 people each year in the UK, but a new trend is helping many tobacco users finally kick the habit. An estimated 2.6 million smokers have turned to ecigarettes as a smoking cessation aid with more smokers making the switch on a... Read more
Iowa Attorney General Says Ecigs are 95 Percent Safer than Smoking
Over the holidays, it seems the ecig community received a surprising gift as Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller released a public endorsement for ecigarettes, calling them 95 percent safer than smoking. This marks the first time an attorney general has taken a pro-ecig stance and it’s a historic change... Read more
Holiday & New Year Electronic Cigarette Sales
The holidays are finally here and along with the usual festivities, we are excited about the upcoming New Years savings on electronic cigarettes. Each year, the top e-cig brands offer discounts and promotions during the holidays and over New Years. As we welcome in 2016, the e-cig savings are... Read more
Experts Debunk Recent Study Linking Ecigs to Incurable Lung Disease
If you tuned into the news recently, you likely heard at least one report about how e-cigarettes are linked to “popcorn lung”, a debilitating and incurable disease that often leads to lung transplants. Over the past week, this story has appeared on all the big media outlets including FOX,... Read more
New Ecig Regulations in Utah Could Eliminate 80 Percent of Eliquids
Beginning in 2016, new e-cigarette rules in Utah could effectively ban up to 80 percent of eliquids. The new law would require a warning label on all e-liquids that states, “Nicotine is addictive and poisonous. Keep away from children and pets.” While the idea seems simple enough, local vape... Read more
BBC Engineer Commits Suicide By Drinking Massive Quantities of Alcohol and E-Liquid
Coroner reports have declared the death of Jonathan Keen a suicide. The 46-year-old BBC engineer apparently died after binging on alcohol and ecigarette liquid. His girlfriend drove to his apartment when she couldn’t reach Keen for more than 24 hours. When she arrived, she found Keen on the floor... Read more
No More Public Ecigs in Ontario Unless You’re Vaping Marijuana
Until now, individuals who have made the transition from traditional cigarettes to ecigs have enjoyed being able to vape whenever and wherever they choose, but in Ontario, that freedom is about to be cut short. When 2016 starts, new regulations banning vaping in public buildings will be enforced. On... Read more
Largest Ecig Association Urges Senate to Amend Language in FDA Regulations
The ecig industry is waiting with mounting anxiety as the FDA’s regulatory proposal nears the final stages before it is officially implemented. After examining the details, America’s largest ecig trade association, SFATA, is beyond concerned. They fear that these regulations could put an end to ecigarettes as we now... Read more
New Study to Determine Risk of Secondhand Ecig Vapor
Trevor Robinson was just fourteen when he started smoking and by the time he reached his twenties, he had a two pack a day habit, a habit that would eventually kill him. Today, he isn’t afraid to talk about his addiction. “I was one of those people who lit... Read more
FDA Regulations Could Eliminate Most Eliquid Flavors and Triple Ecig Prices
As we wait to hear the final details of the FDA’s ecigarette regulations, no one is feeling good about the future of the industry. Details are slowly leaking out about what the FDA is planning and it is clear that major changes are ahead. The days of walking into... Read more
Big Tobacco Speaks Out Against FDA Ecig Regulations
In a bizarre turn of events, Big Tobacco is actually speaking out against the upcoming ecig regulations from the FDA. Since day one, the tobacco companies have been vocally supportive of regulating ecigs so this is a strange twist. Most people view the major tobacco brands as mortal enemies... Read more
These 10 Stars Got Caught Using Ecigs in 2015
Hollywood’s hottest stars used to be obsessed with smoking, but that has changed now that ecigarettes are on the scene. This year, celebs are more interested in trying out the newest ecigs and experimenting with different flavors to find the best tobacco-free alternative. Check out the latest celebs to... Read more
Ecigs Could Soon Be Outlawed for Home-Based Workers in Wales
Working from home has a lot of great advantages, including the freedom to use your electronic cigarette during business hours. However, home-based workers in Wales could soon find their ecig use restricted if a new bill is passed. The radical new legislation would make it illegal to use an... Read more
E-Cig ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2015
Updated: 6:34AM CST 11/27/2015 Thanksgiving is finally here and along with our favorite holiday meal, we can’t wait to enjoy some amazing discounts on electronic cigarettes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year’s deals are some of the best we’ve ever seen and most of our top rated brands... Read more
One Third of Americans Believe Ecigs Are Just as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes
Over the past two years as FDA regulations loomed large for the ecig industry, there has been a full-fledged media war surrounding electronic cigarettes. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have been fighting hard to convince people that ecigs are dangerous. Public health campaigns have painted ecigs as toxic and... Read more
Health Officials Call for Raids on Malaysian Ecig Shops
Electronic cigarettes have become hugely popular in Malaysia over the past year. In a country steeped in Islamic rules where alcohol is forbidden, people have quickly embraced ecigs as a chance to enjoy a little guilty pleasure. Ecigs have largely been successful thanks to the wide variety of eliquids,... Read more
Here’s Your Chance to Win a Free V2 Pro Series 7 Kit
Everyone loves winning something for free, but our latest giveaway is without doubt the most exciting one we’ve ever offered. We’re giving away four V2 Pro Series 7 Kits with all three attachments included. Each kit is valued at $199.98 and four of our lucky readers will take them... Read more