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Here at Electronic Cigarettes Reviews, we strive to give our readers feedback on the trends that we see in the e-cigarette industry.  With that being said, we would like to share the ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net’s awards with our readers to let you all know the trends that we see and the products that have outperformed the competition in various categories.

This information is compiled by doing our own independent research and testing of various brands.  We are all smokers and have, for the most part, completely made the transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.  That being said, we do also take our readers opinions into account when giving out our awards.  So please continue to give feedback on your experience with variuos brands of e-cigarettes.  We appreciate your feedback and we know that other readers do as well!

2009 ECR.net Awards


Blu Cigs

If you haven’t tried electronic cigarettes and you’d like to give them a try without spending too much, we suggest purchasing the Blu electronic cigarette starter pack. At last check, the starter pack is selling for $59.95. This will allow you the opportunity to see if electronic cigarettes are right for you. Think about it, if you are a regular tobacco cigarette smoker, you probably spend close to that, if not more every week. Why not try electronic cigarettes? Chances are, you will save money in the long run by purchasing these instead of your regular brand of tobacco cigarettes.


Best Value

Blu CigsNot only do the Blu electronic cigarettes win the cheapest e-cigarette category, they also take the prize for the best value. They really do give you the most for your money. The starter kit comes with 2 BLU electronic cigarette batteries, 2 Blu self cleaning atomizers, an exclusive pack that charges your Blu on the go and carries 5 tips, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 25 Blu cartridges in the strength of your choice (equals over 350 cigarettes) and a money back guarantee. They give you all of this for only $59.95! Blu electronic cigarettes really do give you the most bang for your buck!

Easiest to Use

Green Smoke

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We definitely agree with our readers on this category.  The easiest electronic cigarette to use is the Green Smoke™ e-cigarette.

Green Smoke has a patented two part design, where most other brands of e-cigarettes have three or four separate parts.  The two part design means that each cartridge comes with its own built-in atomizer.  With other e-cigarettes, the atomizer isn’t part of the cartridge and often times, the atomizer will get clogged and you will need to clean it out or purchase a new one.  This can tend to get messy and if you have to purchase a new atomizer, it can also get quite expensive.  We didn’t have this issue with Green Smoke because the atomizer is built in to the cartridge.  Basically, the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are very easy to use because they don’t contain as many parts and they aren’t as messy.  With Green Smoke, you can just grab your two parts and you’re on your way without any worry of switching out parts.  Now that’s easy to use!

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ElectronicCigarettesreview.net has been offered two coupons to give to its readers that may be interested in purchasing Green Smoke™ products.

Best Flavor

Luci e-cigsThis category was definitely one of the most difficult to pick because there are so many excellent flavors of electronic cigarettes available. We’ve had the pleasure of trying every flavor of e-cigarette imaginable. Some people prefer the regular flavored e-cigarette because they taste just like a tobacco cigarette. Some people prefer the menthol because they are used to smoking menthol tobacco cigarettes. The choices seem endless!

Our favorite flavor of electronic cigarette is the Coffee flavor made by Luci. The Electronic Cigarettes Reviews team is comprised of several coffee drinkers. When we first tried the Luci Coffee flavored e-cigarette, we all agreed that the taste is very robust, much like a good cup of coffee. For us it just doesn’t get any better than having a Luci Coffee flavored e-cigarette with our morning cup of java! Delicious!

User’s Choice

Blu Cigs
First of all, we would like to thank our faithful readers and all of you who have shared your experiences with electronic cigarettes.  We rely on feedback from our readers for this award.  The User’s Choice award is given to the brand of electronic cigarette that we get the best feedback on from those of you who take the time to write in.

Our 2009 User’s Choice award goes to Blu electronic cigarettes.  We always seem to get the best reviews written for this particular brand of electronic cigarettes.  There are several reasons why this brand wins the User’s Choice award.  Several of you choose to purchase Blu because you feel it is the best value.  We’ve also had several people report that Blu has the best flavors to choose from.  Whatever the reason, we have found that this is the most popular brand of electronic cigarettes among our readers.

Breakthrough Brand

featureproductThe Breakthrough Brand award is given to an electronic cigarette company that has enjoyed great success in the past year.  We give this award to the brand that has emerged as a leader in the industry for one reason or another.

The 2009 Breakthrough Brand award goes to NJOY electronic cigarettes.  We feel that the NJOY NPRO electronic cigarette was a major breakthrough for NJOY.  The NJOY NPRO electronic cigarette really looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette.  NJOY really went the extra mile to make their customers feel like they were smoking a real cigarette without the harmful chemicals.  We’ve had several people write in with nothing but great things to say about the NJOY NPRO.  Several of our staff have also made the switch to NPRO because it really feels like a real cigarette.

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