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We at ECR.net don’t allow reviews submitted by company/brand owners for obvious reasons, however, Karl from V2Cigs has written a detailed response in regards to the complaints, suggestions and/or comments that have been left by numerous visitors & reviewers of ECR, so I thought I would create this page and give you all a chance to see what he had to say. I have of course removed his included ratings and review from the “ECR Top 25” ranking calculations and from the list of “USER” reviews for V2Cigs to keep things fair and unbiased, the way it should be!

Feel free to comment on Karl’s response as he has been given a link to this post and will have the opportunity to respond and answer as many of your questions and concerns as possible!  😉

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To all V2 Cigs customers posting here on the review boards –

My name is Karl and I am the Channel Sales Manager for V2 Cigs. I would like to personally apologize for any negative experiences you may have encountered with V2′s shipping and order fulfillment. I have read the forum posts, heard the nightmares of waiting… and waiting… and being told different stories by customer service as to WHY these orders have not been fulfilled. I would like to offer an inside explanation — not “excuses” — as to why these issues have arisen and what steps our company has taken to rectify them.

The company’s “stock response” has been that V2 Cigs’ order fulfillment has fallen behind schedule due to “system upgrades,” which is 100% true, but I would like to offer a more detailed explanation: On March 15th, the V2 Cigs website was attacked by hackers, who bombarded our shopping cart system and essentially brought all business to a halt for 24hrs. Our website was hosted on 3rd party servers, we did not have direct access to address these attacks, and we refused to submit to ransom demands. Nevertheless, V2 Cigs does not store customer credit card information online, and no personal details were compromised. In an effort to restore the V2 Cigs online storefront, we were forced to prematurely migrate our entire website and storefront to a new shopping cart software system – literally, overnight.

V2 Cigs also purchased a $20K security software solution to protect our website against future attacks.

Unfortunately, while V2 Cigs was able to restore its shopping cart functionality overnight, customers were still unable to access their existing orders, as these orders were processed within the old shopping cart software. Upon deploying the new shopping cart, V2 Cigs was at the mercy of its old shopping cart software to release our proprietary customer and orders information to import into the new system. The old shopping cart system delayed the export of this data for several days, and customer service was inundated with telephone calls and they have been working diligently to manage the processing of new orders while attempting to provide accurate status updates on existing orders.

While this new shopping cart integration was planned in the next few months, V2 Cigs was forced to deploy this untested solution overnight. The purpose of this migration serves to insulate the V2 Cigs shopping cart engine on a dedicated server space, and it also provides V2 Cigs with much greater control over our data and orders management. Essentially, one of the primary benefits on this system is that V2 Cigs will be able to incorporate a real-time inventory module to alert customers of inventory levels of V2 Cigs products. Our programming team is working diligently and testing out this inventory tracking system and will be deploying it through the V2 Cigs website over the next few months.

Regarding existing orders and inventory on back-order, V2 Cigs has a vast inventory presently in-stock, and our shipping department is working around the clock in an effort to get caught up. I can assure you that we take each and every one of our customer orders seriously. We have already addressed shipping and customer service issues as a result of our company’s “growing pains” in fulfilling our ever-expanding sales orders, and we continue to expand our endeavors. Yes, it is true that our shipping department is moving to a larger facility, which marks the SECOND move in 6 months due to our exponential growth. In fact, we will be opening 2 additional shipping facilities – one in the U.S. and one in Europe – to meet the needs of our expanding customer base. Currently, our CEO is meeting with factory executives to implement quality control measures across our entire line of V2 Cigs components, and we are expanding our product lines and preparing for some groundbreaking new product releases. We have more than doubled our customer service and shipping department personnel, and recently negotiated new terms with our factories to increase inventory production to meet our growing demand.

All I can say is, we’re working on it, and it’s getting better every day… I hope this at least provides a more thorough understanding of what we are going through to continue to deliver the same quality smoking alternative that has made V2 Cigs the fastest-growing brand of ecig on the market. We truly are striving to be #1, and we continue to take our customer feedback into consideration as we develop better and more innovative technology into our products.

Your success stories drive us to be the best, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to grow and make adjustments along the way.

Thanks for helping V2 Cigs become the fastest growing brand of e-cig on the market today!


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