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Brilliant New Research Shows How We Can Take Smoking Cessation Efforts To The Next Level

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 18, 2018 0

Findings indicate that e-liquid flavors may be a significant factor in successful quit attempts Debates about the effectiveness and risks of e-cigarettes are not new. In fact, they’ve only become increasingly common as the technology improves and grows in... Read more

Game Changer! $1.4 Million Research Grant Could Help “Deregulate E-Cigarettes”

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 16, 2018 0

Georgia State University recently received the grant to help understand the effects of regulations... Read more

Confirmed! The Secret To Fighting Teenage Smoking Is Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 11, 2018 0

A new CDC report claims to hurt vaping, but the numbers suggest otherwise As... Read more

Dr. Farsalinos Published A New Replication Study, What He Learned Could Be Massive

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 9, 2018 0

The famous vaping advocate recently published work that indicates there’s no real connection between... Read more

Clever Prisons Using Vapes To Solve Serious Issues

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 4, 2018 0

E-cigarettes have been shown to lessen chaos in prisons where tobacco is banned Traditional... Read more

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