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Berkeley Takes Extreme Stance Against Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Aug 27, 2015 0

Over the past year, we’ve seen several cities crack down on vaping. Ecigs are now banned in many public places just like tobacco cigarettes. However, no other city can quite compare to Berkeley when it comes to extreme anti-vaping... Read more

Prince Edward Island Introduces New Restrictions on Ecigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Aug 26, 2015 0

Beginning on September 1, Prince Edward Island will ban electronic cigarettes in all areas... Read more

Public Health England Pushes for Smokers to Receive Free Ecigs Through NHS

Electronic Cigarette Blog Aug 20, 2015 0

As research uncovers more information about vaping, health experts are forced to reexamine their... Read more

Survey Proves Ecigs Do Not Lead Teens to Use Tobacco

Electronic Cigarette Blog Aug 18, 2015 0

Critics of the electronic cigarette industry often claim that ecigs will act as a... Read more

Vaping Banned in All Boulder County Public Housing

Electronic Cigarette Blog Aug 13, 2015 0

Colorado is well known for its liberal policies on smoking. After all, marijuana is... Read more

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