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Indiana Lawmakers Argue Over How to Control Recent Surge in Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 8, 2015 0

The latest reports reveal that 23 percent of adults in Indiana are smokers. With smoking rates climbing well above the national average, the state’s legislative committee is considering new measures to discourage people from using tobacco. At a recent... Read more

New Study Examines How Vaping Impacts Pregnant Women

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 6, 2015 0

As the electronic cigarette industry continues to see fast-paced growth, researchers are struggling to... Read more

Jury Awards $1.9 Million to Woman After Exploding Ecig Leaves Her With Permanent Scars

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 1, 2015 0

In March 2013, California native Jennifer Ries and her husband were driving to the... Read more

Outraged Mom Criticizes School for Confiscating Son’s E-Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 29, 2015 0

When 14-year-old Mason Dunn was spotted with an e-cigarette at school, teachers confiscated the... Read more

Man Blames Exploding Ecig For Massive Burns, But His Ecig Was Not the Real Cause

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 24, 2015 0

It was a horrifying moment for 21-year-old Christopher Robran when he looked down and... Read more

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