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Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age is a Foolish Idea

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 20, 2017 0

Laws are being passed to raise the legal age for buying tobacco to 21, but this includes vaping too. Health advocates claim raising the age will reduce the number of smokers. However, there are more dangerous activities you can... Read more

Smoking On Decline Thanks To Vaping In This Midwest State

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 18, 2017 0

From the start, vaping has been a popular aid to help people stop smoking... Read more

Does Vaping Harm Your Gums and Teeth?

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 14, 2017 0

For many, the first positive benefit that you can enjoy when you switch from... Read more

Curiously, Vaping Users Who Tweet The Most Are From Nevada

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 12, 2017 0

There is a growing vaping community on social media sites. Twitter is one that... Read more

Stop the FDA from Crippling the Vaping Industry in 2018

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 7, 2017 0

In 2018 new FDA regulations on vaping will cause the destruction of the industry... Read more

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