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FBI Probe Results In Vaping Law Overhaul in Indiana

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 17, 2017 0

The legalities surrounding e-cigarettes and vaping have just gotten more complicated in the state of Indiana, but this time the issue is not health or the safety of children; it’s about business. Lawmakers in the state now want to... Read more

Professor Shows Study Proves Vaping Isn’t Gateway To Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 10, 2017 0

Dr. Stanton Glantz, a major opponent of e-cigarettes and vaping, is excited over the... Read more

Prominent Professor Doubles Down on Support of Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 4, 2017 0

Despite evidence of the relative safety of e-cigarettes compared to smoking, scare tactics from... Read more

Lawsuit Filed By Companies Against New E-Cig Laws

Electronic Cigarette Blog Dec 30, 2016 0

The e-cigarette tax law in Pennsylvania is about to get challenged by a company... Read more

Experts Tell Surgeon General to Save E-Cigs

Electronic Cigarette Blog Dec 21, 2016 0

In the past ten years, the smoking rate for adults in the United States... Read more

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