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Many Vapers Concerned As New Regulations Begin Popping Up

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 21, 2019 0

The latest session of the US Congress just recently got underway, but it already has the vaping community feeling anxious It seems like the more questions we ask and answer about vaping, the more complicated the topic becomes. As... Read more

You Won’t Believe How Much This Vaping Company Gave Their Employees As A Bonus

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 16, 2019 0

As part of their deal for a 35% stake in Juul Labs, Altria gave... Read more

Another Country May Soon Ban Vaping Products While Letting Smoking Continue

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 14, 2019 0

Pakistan became the latest nation to float the idea of a total vaping ban,... Read more

New Study Uncovers A Huge Uncomfortable Truth About Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 9, 2019 0

The new report by Cancer Research UK found many people still underestimate the value... Read more

How A Shady Deviation By Two Companies Could Endanger The Entire Future Of Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jan 7, 2019 0

A 35% stake sale of Juul Labs to Altria has put both companies in... Read more

White Cloud Fling
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are a role model for the electronic cigarette industry. They seem to almost always be...