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Changes to Indiana Vape Laws Advances to Full Senate

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 23, 2017 0

Indiana’s vaping law that created a monopoly and placed severe restrictions on the manufacture of e-liquid is one step closer to being dismantled. The bill that aims to completely overhaul the law was passed by a state Senate committee... Read more

Bipartisan Effort to Save E-Cigarettes in Congress

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 21, 2017 0

A Republican and a Democrat in Congress have joined together to try to help... Read more

Johnson Creek Vapor Getting Assistance From Unlikely Place

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 16, 2017 0

In a fight that gets uglier by the week, one electronic cigarette shop in... Read more

Electronic Cigarette Taxes Cause Disabled Workers to Lose Jobs

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 15, 2017 0

Pennsylvania’s heavy-handed tax on vaping products has forced many vape shops in the state... Read more

New Study Shows Vaping Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 8, 2017 0

Another study from the United Kingdom shows that e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco... Read more

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