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New Study Blames Teen Vaping on Peer Pressure

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 28, 2015 0

A new study from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is giving us a closer look at teen vaping habits. Researchers wanted to know if outside factors influenced teens to use ecigarettes. Ultimately, they found that young... Read more

New Survey Reveals that Most Americans Want to Increase Smoking Age to 21

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 25, 2015 0

According to a new survey conducted by the CDC, the majority of Americans believe... Read more

Upcoming Documentary Explores How Big Pharma is Trying to Kill Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 21, 2015 0

Aaron Biebert is not a smoker, but he has seen the devastating effects of... Read more

Study Predicts As Many Ecig Users as Tobacco Smokers Within Three Years

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 18, 2015 0

According to a new study, the electronic cigarette industry could overtake traditional tobacco products... Read more

New Research Shows that Ecig Ads Make Vaping Attractive to Teens

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 16, 2015 0

Have you ever seen an advertisement for pizza that left you craving a big,... Read more

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