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Vape Shops Protesting “Non-Essential” Designation

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 8, 2020 0

Claims Of The Government Picking “Winners” And “Losers” With Stay-Home Orders The coronavirus pandemic has forced much of the economy to temporarily halt as the world scrambles for containment. While businesses deemed non-essential are being forced to temporarily shutter,... Read more

Denver Vape Shops Fuming Over Exclusions For Liquor Stores And Dispensaries

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 30, 2020 0

Industry Raises Important Questions Over What Should Be Deemed Essential During A Crisis An... Read more

During Pandemic, Some Vape Shops Currently Set To Remain Open

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 23, 2020 0

In Select Jurisdictions, Vape Shops Are Being Ruled An Essential Retail Service To Help... Read more

Cuomo Continues To Push Prohibitive Policy Despite Blocked Ban

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 25, 2020 0

Following the blocking of a previous ban by the New York State Supreme Court,... Read more

Oregon’s Proposed Complete Crackdown On Vaping Goes Before Legislature

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 14, 2020 0

“Bill Bans All Flavored Vaping Products While Leaving Tobacco Products Untouched” The Oregon State... Read more

White Cloud Fling
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are a role model for the electronic cigarette industry. They seem to almost always be...