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Game Changer! $1.4 Million Research Grant Could Help “Deregulate E-Cigarettes”

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 16, 2018 0

Georgia State University recently received the grant to help understand the effects of regulations on vaping As a vaper in America, it’s all too common to be forced to deal with growing regulations on e-cigarettes. Despite a general lack... Read more

Confirmed! The Secret To Fighting Teenage Smoking Is Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 11, 2018 0

A new CDC report claims to hurt vaping, but the numbers suggest otherwise As... Read more

Dr. Farsalinos Published A New Replication Study, What He Learned Could Be Massive

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 9, 2018 0

The famous vaping advocate recently published work that indicates there’s no real connection between... Read more

Clever Prisons Using Vapes To Solve Serious Issues

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 4, 2018 0

E-cigarettes have been shown to lessen chaos in prisons where tobacco is banned Traditional... Read more

Huge News! Buying A New Vape Could Cost Way More Starting Next Week

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 2, 2018 0

July 6th marks the first round of tariffs on Chinese imports, which includes most... Read more

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