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Wisconsin Leaders Divided on Ecig Regulation and Taxation

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 31, 2015 0

Wisconsin is no stranger to controversy or conflict. In a state that has come to be defined by the polarizing political figures on both sides of the aisle, another hot topic is sure to light the fuse of many... Read more

Hawaii Introduces 80 Percent Tax on Ecigs

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 28, 2015 0

Hawaii lawmakers voted unanimously this week to classify all products containing nicotine as “tobacco... Read more

Scientists Say Public Vaping Isn’t Posing a Risk to Your Health Hot

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 25, 2015 0

More and more cities are banning ecigs in public places where smoking is already... Read more

Health Experts Take a Stand for Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 22, 2015 0

This weekend, health experts gathered at an anti-tobacco conference to discuss the benefits and... Read more

Washington Proposes 95% Tax For Ecigs

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 19, 2015 0

For many years, governments of the world have used taxes to line their pockets... Read more