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Altria Launches IQOS In America Amid Hysteria

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 9, 2019 0

Controversial “Heat-Not-Burn” Product Sees American Launch Despite Controversy Surrounding Vaping Nicotine vaping continues to come under heavy regulatory and media scrutiny amid reports of illnesses actually found to be caused by illicit cannabis oil cartridges instead. On top of... Read more

You Won’t Believe Which Country Is Banning Vaping Now

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 25, 2019 0

Punishments include up to three years in prison. A health scare in the United... Read more

Judge Orders Teens Vapes To Be Destroyed

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 11, 2019 0

Judge issue court order for confiscated vapes to be destroyed in unconventional move to... Read more

Michigan Becomes First State To Ban Flavored Vaping Products

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 9, 2019 0

The state becomes first to enact flavor ban after being last to enact a... Read more

Misleading Study On Vaping Debunked

Electronic Cigarette Blog Sep 5, 2019 0

A study claiming toxicities found in e-cigarettes is not reliable. Public health officials and... Read more

White Cloud Fling
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are a role model for the electronic cigarette industry. They seem to almost always be...