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Hawaii’s Governor Bans Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 26, 2015 0

Hawaii’s Governor David Ige is still moving forward with his attack on tobacco and now he is turning his focus to electronic cigarettes. This week, he signed Act 19 into law, which raises the legal smoking age to 21... Read more

Research Reveals Which Ecigs are Best for Smoking Cessation Hot

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 21, 2015 0

Every day, dozens of smokers invest in their first ecigs with the hope of... Read more

What the CDC Isn’t Telling You About Teens and E-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 16, 2015 0

This week, the Centers for Disease Control released a new report that paints a... Read more

The Number One Reason Why Women Are Still Lighting Up

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 14, 2015 0

From graphic advertisements to lectures from our parents, we’ve all been told that smoking... Read more

University of Wisconsin Launches Five Year Study of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Blog Apr 12, 2015 0

Research is one of the most important aspects of the electronic cigarette industry these... Read more