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Renowned MD Makes A Case For Vaping, But It Could Be Reinforcing A Larger Problem

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 15, 2018 0

Dr. Laura Jean Bierut recently gave a presentation advocating for vaping, but critics have their concerns For as long as vaping has been in the public eye, it’s been a common belief that vaping and smoking are more or... Read more

Learn The Subtle Way Big Tobacco Threatens The Vaping Industry

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 10, 2018 0

As companies like Philip Morris roll-out their Heat-not-Burn devices in more and more places,... Read more

The Most Popular Smoking Cessation Tool Might Surprise You

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 8, 2018 0

A new study indicates that while the number of vapers across the country is... Read more

Why The FDA Just Raided A Major Vaping Company

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 3, 2018 0

As part of their push against teenage vaping, the FDA recently seized many documents... Read more

Many Are Questioning The Intention Of FDA Grant For Vaping Research

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 1, 2018 0

Amid all the anti-vaping speech coming from the administration, they’re funding nearly $20 million... Read more

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