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Another Government Decides To Ban Vaping Outright

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 17, 2018 0

Legislators in Hong Kong have pulled a U-turn on their treatment of vaping, with a recent announcement stating they will work to ban vaping entirely Vaping bans are becoming all too common around the world. What’s worse is that... Read more

Renowned MD Makes A Case For Vaping, But It Could Be Reinforcing A Larger Problem

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 15, 2018 0

Dr. Laura Jean Bierut recently gave a presentation advocating for vaping, but critics have... Read more

Learn The Subtle Way Big Tobacco Threatens The Vaping Industry

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 10, 2018 0

As companies like Philip Morris roll-out their Heat-not-Burn devices in more and more places,... Read more

The Most Popular Smoking Cessation Tool Might Surprise You

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 8, 2018 0

A new study indicates that while the number of vapers across the country is... Read more

Why The FDA Just Raided A Major Vaping Company

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 3, 2018 0

As part of their push against teenage vaping, the FDA recently seized many documents... Read more

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