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Vape Shop Owners Face Harsh New Restrictions In Ontario

Electronic Cigarette Blog Dec 7, 2017 0

The proposed law would make it illegal to demonstrate devices to customers before purchasing, as well as banning several flavors of e-liquid Vape shop owners in Ontario are facing harsh new restrictions on precisely what they can do to... Read more

Yale Professor Says Government Agencies Committed “Public Health Malpractice” In Their Handling Of Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Dec 7, 2017 0

With Big Tobacco forced to admit the real nature smoking, Dr. Sally Satel claims... Read more

FDA Creates New Committee Focused On Properly Supporting Vaping, Other NRTs, As Sanctioned Smoking Cessation Tools

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 30, 2017 0

Commissioner and others sign FDA blog post that outlines why the creation of a... Read more

Senator Chuck Schumer Continues Campaign Against “Dangerous” Vaping and their “Mystery Chemicals”

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 28, 2017 0

Not content with the public vaping ban, Sen. Schumer held a press conference last... Read more

State Polling Finds Vapers Are Much More Likely To Attempt Quitting Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 25, 2017 0

The state of Tennessee conducted a poll to ascertain if vaping is actually being... Read more

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