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New Study to Determine Risk of Secondhand Ecig Vapor

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 29, 2015 0

Trevor Robinson was just fourteen when he started smoking and by the time he reached his twenties, he had a two pack a day habit, a habit that would eventually kill him. Today, he isn’t afraid to talk about... Read more

E-Cig ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2015 Hot

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 25, 2015 0

Updated: 6:34AM CST 11/27/2015 Thanksgiving is finally here and along with our favorite holiday meal,... Read more

FDA Regulations Could Eliminate Most Eliquid Flavors and Triple Ecig Prices

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 24, 2015 0

As we wait to hear the final details of the FDA’s ecigarette regulations, no... Read more

Big Tobacco Speaks Out Against FDA Ecig Regulations Hot

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 22, 2015 0

In a bizarre turn of events, Big Tobacco is actually speaking out against the... Read more

These 10 Stars Got Caught Using Ecigs in 2015

Electronic Cigarette Blog Nov 17, 2015 0

Hollywood’s hottest stars used to be obsessed with smoking, but that has changed now... Read more

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