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New Petition Urges Facebook to Stop Treating Ecigs As Tobacco Products

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 21, 2016 0

When Kevin Price realized that Facebook classified ecigarettes as tobacco products, he was outraged. He turned to Change.org to gather support and created a petition asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to remove ecigs from the tobacco category and treat... Read more

These States Are Shamelessly Taxing Ecigs to Line Their Pockets and Support Big Tobacco

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 17, 2016 0

You’ve probably heard politicians spout rhetoric about the dangers of tobacco use, but make... Read more

Get a First Look at This Year’s Highly Anticipated Ecig Documentary

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 9, 2016 0

If you’re frustrated by the unending stream of anti-ecig rhetoric from regulators, health experts,... Read more

Mayo Clinic Provides Ecigs to Smokers to Reduce Risk for Surgical Complications

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 6, 2016 0

Patients who smoke face an increased risk of complications during and after surgery. That’s... Read more

Follow the Money to Find Out Why the American Lung Association is Hating on Leo for Using Ecigs

Electronic Cigarette Blog Feb 3, 2016 0

Over the weekend, the world watched eagerly to see who would take home this... Read more

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