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British Psychological Society Comes Out In Strong Support Of Vaping For Smoking Cessation

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 16, 2017 0

The longstanding professional psychology association recently released a briefing on e-cigarettes that argues, among other things, vaping could succeed where traditional NRTs fail because of their similar sensory cues The British Psychological Society is a well respected professional association... Read more

FDA’s Deeming Rule Already Hurting Independent Vaping Industry

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 13, 2017 0

E-liquid pioneers, Johnson Creek Enterprises declare bankruptcy earlier this week. Marks the second large... Read more

American Lung Association “Lying” About Risk Of E-Cigarettes, According To Renowned Public Health Expert

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 10, 2017 0

Dr. Michael Siegel says ALA’s director of tobacco control and public policy in Wisconsin... Read more

Philippine Department Of Health Is Urged To Support Vaping As Harm Reducing

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 6, 2017 0

The House Joint Committee on Health, Trade, and Industry pass House Resolution 973 which... Read more

FDA Moves To Reduce Nicotine Levels, Opens Discussion With Public

Electronic Cigarette Blog Oct 3, 2017 0

Newly appointed FDA Commissioner says focus of his administration will be reducing the influence... Read more

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