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Experts Predict Ecig Revenue Will Reach $50 Billion by 2030

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jul 5, 2015 0

As the world begins to embrace electronic cigarettes, experts believe the market will continue growing over the next 15 years. From 2013 to 2014, ecig revenue nearly doubled topping out at $6 billion last year. Currently, the United States... Read more

Science Shows that Vaping is Safer than Smoking and Here’s the Proof Hot

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 30, 2015 0

You’ve heard all the propaganda coming from the naysayers. Politics and the media love... Read more

Selling Ecigs in India Could Result in Hard Time Behind Bars

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 27, 2015 0

India has taken a hard stance against electronic cigarettes in the past, but now... Read more

ASPCA Speaks Out About Vaping Dangers for Pets

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 23, 2015 0

Common sense tells us that nicotine isn’t something our pets should be exposed to,... Read more

American Medical Association Wants to Raise Legal Vaping Age to 21

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 20, 2015 0

The majority of states in the US have already implemented laws that restrict the... Read more

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