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Vapers Celebrate As This Country Decides Against An E-Cigarette Ban

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 17, 2019 0

After a lot of speculation, reports indicate Malaysia won’t pursue a vaping ban. It seems like more and more legislators around the world are choosing to restrict access to vaporizers severely. Most of these politicians claim they’re concerned about... Read more

Legislators In This State Aim To Raise Taxes On Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 13, 2019 0

Ohio could soon become the latest state to equate vaping and smoking by raising... Read more

This Vaping Company Won’t Back Down After Intensified Pressure To Leave

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 10, 2019 0

Juul Labs is once again at odds with San Francisco legislators, who continue to... Read more

You’ll Never Believe How The Former FDA Head Thinks They Mishandled Vaping Regulations

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 5, 2019 0

A few months after formally leaving his post, Dr. Scott Gottlieb has some reflections... Read more

You’ll Never Believe Why Another Place Is About To Raise The Vaping Age

Electronic Cigarette Blog Jun 3, 2019 0

Connecticut is one signature away from officially raising the vaping age to 21 Despite... Read more

White Cloud Fling
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are a role model for the electronic cigarette industry. They seem to almost always be...