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You’ll Never Guess What The FDA Commissioner Might Do Before Leaving Office

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 20, 2019 0

After being encouraged to push through a potential flavor ban, many in the vaping community are worried about what the repercussions are. Vaping regulations have become an increasingly large part of being a vaper. When e-cigarettes first hit the... Read more

You’ll Never Believe Which Group Of People Is Coming Around To Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 18, 2019 0

Reports indicate older generations are starting to understand what vaping has to offer as... Read more

New Study Proves Once Again The Massive Benefit Of Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 13, 2019 0

Researchers recently published findings that suggest BAT’s new vaping product is massively safer than... Read more

You’ll Never Believe The Way This Vaping Company Is Aiming To Market Themselves

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 11, 2019 0

Juul Labs is currently building a marketing team whose primary goal is growing support... Read more

Brand New Study Shows Vaping 99.6% Safer Than Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Blog Mar 7, 2019 0

Another new study has concluded that switching to vaping from smoking is one of... Read more

White Cloud Fling
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are a role model for the electronic cigarette industry. They seem to almost always be...